Jumpstarter 2017 可穿戴设备 | 物联网 | 教育科技创业初赛 – 三支入围队伍公布

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  • 2017年7月28日
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Wearables|IOT|EduTech Semi Pitch and helped make it a success!
And a special congratulations to all the Winning Jumpstarters:
Three Finalists of Wearables|IOT|EduTech Semi Pitch (by alphabetical order):
The top three startups were selected as the finalists by a panel of judges today.  Each of them now wins the ticket to the Final Pitch, and will pitch in front of judges and audience again on Nov 21 to compete up to US$1 million investment provided by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund.
The Most Favorable Startup:
Steadiwear got the highest number of votes from our audience that made him win the ticket to Grand Finale where Samuel, a founder of Steadiwear, will have an exposure to showcase his business and network with investors. 
The Most Innovative Startup :
Left to Right: Harry Chan from Beeinventor, Cheng Man Fai from Mad Gaze, Rustem Akishbekov from Robo Wunderkind, John Grousopoulos from VivaSpire Inc., Emile Maamary from Steadiwear.