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  • October 23, 2017
Acoustic Metamaterials Group (AMG) is in the business of noise reduction. The smart materials and acoustic company aims to change the way we interact with sound. By merging applied physics with intelligent design and manufacturing, AMG is pioneering a new class of sound-absorbing materials, called metamaterials.

Currently, most soundproofing material consists of a sponge with tiny pores and tubes that absorb noise. However, different sounds have different frequencies, yet the structure of the soundproofing sponge remains constant. With metamaterials, AMG aims to use an algorithm to create a customized soundproofing sponge that would absorb sound of a particular frequency with great efficiency.

“We are pioneers in the development of metamaterials noise control technology. We have developed the most efficient soundproofing solutions and products in the world, focusing on sectors such as HVAC, power and energy, transport and consumer electronics,” said AMG Co-founder Vincent Fong.

The technology behind metamaterials was developed in 2000 and the company began commercializing it in 2014. Currently, AMG works with a few Fortune 500 companies to develop soundproofing solutions for products such as home appliances, power generation and aircrafts.

“The sound insulation materials sector has not changed in the past 50 years. Soundproofing still uses sponges, asbestos and glass fiber. We want to use technology to improve the industry as a whole - that is our vision,” said Fong.

AMG considers itself a specialized part manufacturer rather than a holistic end-to-end solution provider. The company manufacturers a specialized material can be used in different industries and applied in many different products.

“We are manufacturing and selling metamaterials.  The way we look at it is that our parts will make your product quiet. Even in the most noisy environments, with our customized metamaterials solution in your product, we can ‘suck’ the noise out,” said Fong.

Fong is not a greenhorn when it comes to startups. While studying in the United States, he started a software company that found moderate success. Upon his return to Hong Kong he discovered that Internet startups were growing quickly, but decided to take another path.

“We did not follow the market trend. There are so few soundproofing companies out there we felt we had a very good shot at tackling the problems in this industry. We want to solve practical problems, rather than engage in a crowded field,” said Fong.


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